Gathr It - opening up the world's collections

The concept behind Gathr It is to enable discovery, crowdsourcing and sharing across cultural collections worldwide.

A prototype is in development and will be launched for evaluation and testing purposes in Autumn 2013. A full launch will depend on finding partners and funding. Sign up below if you want to find out more.

Key Features

  • Fully featured toolbar that enables
    • sharing via social media, email etc
    • crowdsourcing of dates, locations (geotagging), comments, tags
    • curating items across collections, adding favourites, grouping items into collections, and building connections
  • Users install toolbar as a browser plugin, enabling to toolset across all the collections they visit
  • Collection owners can install the toolbar within their collection, making it available to all site visitors (even if they don’t have the browser plugin)
  • Platform independent – can work across all collection sites, from mainstream CMS-driven sites to one-off bespoke offerings, and even things like Flickr Commons
  • Powerful search engine¬†enables cross-collection searching
  • Bespoke short url service specifically for collection items – try it:
  • Feature-rich API that will provide access to all data, enabling development of other apps, and access for collection owners to feed back and enrich their collections

And that’s just the start …

More information

For more information contact

James Morley

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